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.:Rules - Read them before joining and/or submitting:.


This Group is for all fans who liked the animated series from the 1990's.
We allow all kind of fanarts as long it is related to "BTAS". And it should be drawn in its style of course.
Allowed are Fanarts of "Batman - The Animated Series" (the original BTAS, what should be the main focus in this group), "New Batman & Robin Adventures" as well as "Batman Beyond".
No Superman or Justice League Fanarts, please. This is a Batman Fan-Group, so for other DC-Heroes you have to join a group what supports them.

:bulletblue: Join can whoever wants to, as long you are fan of at least one of the above named shows.

:bulletgreen: To Submit your picture choose the right folder for your submission. Fan Characters are allowed, but only together with an original (means OFFICIAL!) Character.

You can choose the following folders:
    :bulletblack: Batman – The Animated Series for Fanarts of the classic BTAS…
    :bulletblack: New Batman Adventures for Fanarts of the later Episodes what have changed the style…
    :bulletblack: Batman Beyond for Fanarts of Batman Beyond / Batman of the Future.…
    :bulletblack: Mixed Generations for pictures that include Batman: The Animated Series, New Batman Adventures and/or Batman Beyond in the same picture
    :bulletblack: Including Own Characters for all arts what includes Characters you have made up.
    :bulletblack: Merchandise and Self made stuff for all Photos made of Fan-stuff of any kind as long it is BTAS (and so on) related.

Please make sure to choose the correct folder.
If you choose the wrong folder, your submission gets declined. But no worry, I will note you about your mistake.

:bulletyellow: The Featured folder is for my use only. I’ll feature special arts here what are mostly by Artists who aren’t members (yet). If you have seen an artwork what might fit in the Featured gallery, just show me the link.

:bulletorange: No nude stuff, gay pairings (also known as "Yaoi") and (hard) gore allowed. This group should be for fans in all ages.
Please only submit pictures.
No Textes, please.
If you like to submit Comics, please make sure that everyone is able to understand it. Not everybody can speak spannish or other languages. If your comic is in spannish or another language, please add at least a translation to your Artist's Comment.
Thank you.

:bulletred: Please don't submit any fetish stuff... -__-

:bulletpurple: Why has my picture got declined?
    :bulletblack: Because you either choosed the wrong folder for your artwork (In this case you get notified of course) or :bulletblack: because your Artwork is not related to the animated shows this group was made for. For Batman Arts in general what is not BTAS style (or Bruce Timm style) you can try one of the many other Batman fan groups. You can find lots of them at Grouple For generally Batman arts that are NOT related to any of the BTAS related shows, please visit Grouple's Batman Section to find your group.… :bulletblack: because it's not your own art. The art you want to submit MUST be made by YOU. Pictures from others, even if they are gift arts, are not allowed!

I hope I answered all questions here and wish lots of fun to everyone.
Respect each other ;)



Hi Bat-Fans :wave:

I can't believe it. I must be living behind the moon or something.
I just found out that there are NEW Batman Animated toys available and they are fully articulated and even more will come.

check them out on google…

Dear greetings from your Admin
- Shadowgirlfan

PS: If you find out more, please let me know! >w<


Little Update:
On this check list you can see which version of BTAS the single characters are from.…
:bulletred:Red Background: Original BTAS
:bulletblue:Blue Background: New BTAS
The Activity is pretty low the last Time. No new Submissions get in. I would draw myself, but unfortunally I got a bad Art Block about BTAS or if I draw I draw mostly Crossovers and that’s Part of the Problem. I once made a Poll about Crossovers (Only REAL Crossovers with non DC characters), but the Poll ended with no concret result.
I at least browse almost daily through the newest Batman submissions to find arts for our group and add them to our Galleries. Means that I am the only really active Person at time.
I know I closed the Joining Option to keep the Group clean from Non-BTAS-Arts, but I still invite every member who is Fan of Bruce W. Timm’s Batman and who has read the rules, but it still happens that wrong Arts get in my In-Box and this is pretty frustrating.

Please tell me: Are you still interested in this Group?
Are you still active in drawing our beloved Hero?
If yes, please share your works with us. I don’t want to give this Group up. It’s my “Baby”. :(

- Your Founder
I'm sorry to write such a journal again, but it just doesn't work.

- People press the Join-Button
- I ask them, if they are really fans of at least 1 of the shows this group was made for and I also ask, if they readed the rules
- They say yes
- I accept

And what happens? I get AGAIN Batman related pictures that are NOT related to Bruce Timm's Version of him! So I decided to close the Join option. It just has no use.
If you want to join, post a comment to the Front Page or just right here and I'll visit your gallery to see, if you are really fan of one of these shows and if so, I'll invite you by myself.
But note: If you post a non-BTAS fanart and if it is only one time, you'll get kicked out from this group.
And if you just want to watch us, you don't need to join.

I hope that's it.
Sorry to get upset again.

[EDIT] I really start getting enough. I still find non BTAS pictures in my in-box. What the f**k is hard to understand with my rules that say CLEARLY that ONLY "Batman - The Animated Series", "The New Batman and Robin Adventures" and "Batman Beyond" (all by Bruce W. Timm) Fanarts are allowed and otherwise NOTHING?
From now on I will block anyone who ignores the rules!
It's no problem, if you chose the wrong folder for your BTAS related artworks, but it's kind of crime to submit arts that are not related to these shows and Batman shall punish you for this. :batman:
I'm not happy to say that, but I have enough from the fact that so often people join the group without reading the RULES batman-adventures.deviantart.c…
It's pretty annoying finding Pictures in the Group's mail box that are not related to Bruce Timm's Batman Version (Batman - The animated Series 1992−95, The New Adventures of Batman and Robin 1997−99, Batman Bayond 1999-2001) at ALL!

I tell it again: This Group is NOT a Superman Fan Group, does NOT support Live Action Batman in any kind and is NOT for generally Batman Arts that are not related to BTAS in any kind!

[EDIT] And PLEASE only submit YOUR OWN work!
It's now 2 months since I asked you via poll, if this group should accept crossovers or not.
The result: 9 people say "yes" and 8 People say "no". Only 17 People voted on my poll. That's nothing and so I decide myself and say that crossovers are NOT allowed in the Group's Gallery.
But you may instead post it to the Favourites, AS LONG the Batman Characters are Drawn in BTAS style.

Thank you for reading

PS: If you haven't voted yet, but still want to, you'll find it here:…
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HARLEYMK Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2016   Photographer
Thanks for requesting my art :) And plz add me to the group :)
Shadowgirlfan Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2016
have you read the rules?
Leie Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for featuring my creation :)
Shadowgirlfan Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016
welcome :)
airtimegeek Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hi, thanks for faving my drawings, could I get a join request please?
Shadowgirlfan Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016
have you carefully read the rules?
airtimegeek Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Read them clearly.  Just stuff for the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini era animated shows of Batman, not the entire DCAU or non affiliated animated series.
Shadowgirlfan Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016
I had to ask because I had lots of trouble with people not reading the rules and tried to submit just anything batman related but not timmverse related
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DANGERcomics Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for requesting my Batman Beyond pic :)
laurenlouiseallen Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you for submitting my artwork, much appreciated! :D
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